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Credit Card Machine Buyers Guide

Equipment Pricing for Credit Card Terminals

For the most part, purchasing a credit card terminal represents a rather small cost to your business. It is likely to last up to five years or more, and when you are ready to buy a new one, it is possible (if you make use of merchant account provider terminals) to turn it in for a small credit.

Be sure to check fees when purchasing from a merchant account provider, though. Often a very low cost for a terminal is forwarded as a loss leader. You will spend more in fees on your merchant account than you will ever spend on terminal equipment, so it is very important to make sure that you have a merchant account that fits your needs. $75 savings does not make up for an account that charges high fees or offers poor service.

It is best to purchase your credit card terminals outright. There are leasing programs, but they can cost as much as $1,000 for 48 months. Compare this to spending much less (around $300 or $400 on a traditional or $600 or $700 on a wireless) when you simply purchase a credit card terminal. Plus, if you take proper care of your terminal, it can last well beyond the two years that a lease generally lasts.

Also, do not be afraid to spend an extra $50 or $100 for a terminal that is “perfect” for your needs. The little extra money will not affect your business very much in the long run, but inconvenient terminals and slow or inconvenient service for your customers can have a more lasting impact on your business.

Basic traditional terminals: $150-$300

Separate receipt printers: $100-$450

Traditional with built-in printers: $200-$600

Wireless: $600-$1,000

PLEASE NOTE: Each credit card terminal we sell at comes with a FREE merchant account...but only if you need one. Apply Now for a free merchant account.

If you choose to process with us. You will be processing your credit cards and checks through our service processor They are nationally recognized and have a reputation for having the lowest rates with the best service "after the sale". Thats why after searching for the best processor, we chose them.

If you decide to buy from us and process through Merchant Processorss. Your terminal(s) will come pre-programmed and ready to go. Plus, each terminal will come with a LIFE TIME SUPPLY of free receipt paper so you dont have to worry about it.


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01.ATM Machine Arrow
02.Hypercom ICE 5500 Credit Card Terminal / Printer (Thermal)
03.Verifone P220 Printer (Friction)
04.Verifone P250 Printer (Friction)
05.Verifone Printer 250 Ink Ribbon - Single Cartridge
06.Verifone Printer 900 Ink Ribbon - Single Cartridge
07.ATM Inside Pump Topper Insert
08.ATM Inside Pump Topper Insert ATM SIGN
09.ATM Inside Sign
10.ATM Machine Pole Sign

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